Refresh Devotional Day 14 — No Surprises

lyndon wall refresh devotional series soul food Mar 14, 2021


“He knows the way that I take.”

Job 23:10


There are days when what we believe in our heads needs to inform what we feel in our hearts. This is especially true when we encounter times of trial. Job was being tested as severely as any man has been tried. His children had been killed, his health was lost, and his wealth had been taken in a series of satanically inspired trials. Job’s heart must have cried out that God had forsaken him and that God was unaware of the series of unfortunate events that had fallen on him. Job had many questions about the dealings of God, yet he informed his heart with the words, “He knows the way that I take…”

One key to finding peace during the tests of life is to inform our heart with what our head already knows: God knows what road we are walking. He knows the way we are taking. He knows the trials we are enduring; he is aware of all our experiences—past, present, and future. Our situation has not moved beyond his knowledge or ability to shape the events of our lives for his purposes. “He knows the way that I take and when he has tested me I shall come forth as gold,” Job continues.

What path are you walking today? Like Job, you may be walking the pathway of loss. It may be loss of family, friends, position, or security. It may be a path of physical suffering. It may be a path of an uncertain future. It may be a path of a grief-filled past. Perhaps your heart, like Job’s, is full of questions and fears about the dealings of God. Perhaps today your head needs to inform your heart with the truth, “He knows the way that I take.”

Our hearts are not easily informed. They are convinced by the perspectives that our emotions bring. We must remind our hearts daily, hourly, or even minute by minute until the truths of God’s sovereign wisdom and care are fully accepted by faith. The surrender of the heart’s feelings to the truth of the Word does not always come easily. Yet as we surrender our emotions to the truth, our heart will gain a new measure of rest.


Prayer Starter: Lord Jesus, thank you that the way I am taking is not hidden from your sight.