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Thrive: Burnout Prevention and Recovery

The Thrive booklet is designed to help people in ministry prevent and recover from burnout.  Thrive is based on insights learned from biblical reflection and hearing stories of ministers in crisis. 
The principles of Thrive will help you discern a common root cause of burnout and a pathway to restored spiritual vitality.  Personal stories and practical application steps are included in the material. 

Wonderful Companion

Rejection, be it big or small is one of the most difficult experiences a person can suffer.  Wonderful Companion invites you into the caring partnership of Christ who helps you face, overcome and rebuild your life after painful rejections. 

Refresh: devotions for 31 days

Stress is a reality of life. It can harm and drain us of vital energy. It must be responded to wisely.

This devotional series was written to help you encounter Jesus Christ, the great refresher of the soul. It will give you insights that will help you live with a renewed and joyful heart.

The Cross of Christ

Refresh yourself with powerful meditations on the wonderful ministry of Christ on the Cross. These eight messages by Rev. Warren Charlton will give you a new appreciation for the ministry of Jesus that renews your faith and inspires you to share Christ’s love with others.

Songs for a Pandemic

The season of Covid-19 has brought great challenge to followers of Christ. Songs for the Pandemic gives you biblical anchor points for going through the pandemic and recovering from it. Sixteen meditations from the Songs of Ascent will encourage your heart with new appreciation of God’s presence and help in difficult times.

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