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October 27 & 28: High Impact Sermons Seminar, Grande Prairie.

October 13: Open Bible Café, Grande Prairie.

October 5: Caring for Each Other Workshop, Grande Prairie.

September 27: Thrive Seminar: Burnout Prevention and Recovery, Grande Prairie, AB

JULY 17: Thrive Seminar: Compassion Fatigue & Rising Above, Grande Prairie, AB

JUNE 8: Fundraising Luncheon

JUNE 21: Ministerial – Valleyview, AB

JUNE 27–29: Pastor's Family Retreat, Camp Sagitawa, AB

MAY 4: Prayer Gathering: Pastors and Ministry Leaders, Grande Prairie, AB

MAY 24: Joyful Rest Seminar: Helping your people experience deeper grace, Grande Prairie, AB

APRIL 4-15: High Impact Sermons Seminar, High Level, AB

MARCH 22: Pastoral Ministry and Narcissism, Grande Prairie, AB

FEBRUARY 3-4: High Impact Sermons, Grande Prairie, AB

FEBRUARY 16: Pastors and Ministry Leaders Prayer Gathering, Grande Prairie, AB

FEBRUARY 25: Live Again Seminar – God's ministry to those who experience rejection, Valhalla Centre, AB

JANUARY 20-21: High Impact Sermons, Goodlow, BC



November 4: Pastor's Day with Charles Price, Grande Prairie, AB

Online Events 2019-2022

Frontline Ministry - Training lay workers to give pastoral care - Grande
Prairie Alliance Church

Burnout Prevention and Recovery - Mental Health conference for pastors in
the USA.

How to Live Through a Bad Day - International Pastors from India

Thrive Burnout Prevention and Recovery - International Pastors from India

Helping Your Church Change - Canadian and International Pastors

Better Care - Pastoral Care Skills for Canadian and International Pastors

Restore - Seminar on recovery from rejection for a church in northern B.C.

Thrive - Burnout Prevention and Recovery - for missionaries of the Outreach
Canada MORE Network

10 Laws of Ministry - Lessons from the Life of Elisha - Canadian and
International Pastors

Joyful Rest, Helping Your Missionaries Experience Deeper Grace - MORE

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