Refresh Devotional Day 21 — The Shepherd

lyndon wall refresh devotional series soul food Mar 21, 2021


“The Lord is my Shepherd.”

Psalm 23:1


A shepherd’s work is to give complete care to the sheep. He is totally focused on the well-being of the sheep. He leads them to places of lush grazing, oases of rest, and protects and provides constant care. The sheep have nothing to worry about or fear. All that is needed is provided.

When David talks of the Lord, he is referring to the existing God who has a covenant relationship with his people. He is the creator of heaven and earth, the sovereign who guides the events of this world and intervenes on his people’s behalf. He is the Good Shepherd, the Lord Jesus, who knows his sheep and laid down his life for them. It is this God whom David enjoys as his personal shepherd.

Humans tend to see the Lord’s care somewhat selectively. There are areas of our lives where we know and have experienced the Lord’s love. We are confident that whenever we face that situation we can count on him. There are other issues and situations we face into which we are not so sure that his love reaches. For example, we may find it easy to trust God with our finances, but not with the care of our children. We may believe God is with us at Sunday worship but absent when we meet the nail boys on the road.

David paints us a picture of the Lord’s faithfulness to all areas of life. He sees the Lord’s care as like that of a shepherd meeting every need that arises. In God, he has found his needs for provision, protection, refreshment, comfort, and security all provided for. Whether it is a need of everyday life or a need faced in the extremities of death, God supplies what is necessary. The Lord is so near and so active that David is at rest; all is provided.

Do you see the Lord as a personal shepherd or as a distant deity?

Do you see the Lord Jesus as near and caring or far away and detached from your daily life?

Are you aware of his constant care, or do you feel at times he is busy elsewhere?

Do you rest in his commitment to you, or do you feel that you must always earn his love?

Affirm with David your absolute trust. A great sense of security will go with you today.


Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, be the shepherd over the yet untrusted areas of my life.