Refresh Devotional Day 29 — Chariots of God

lyndon wall refresh devotional series soul food Mar 29, 2021


“…suddenly a chariot of fire and horses of fire appeared…and Elijah went up to heaven in a whirlwind.”

2 Kings 2:11


God has the ability to take us from where we are to where He wants us to be. 

The exciting and dynamic ministry of Elijah had come to an end. His service on earth was complete, and it was time for God to take him to heaven. To accomplish this translation God sent a chariot of fire to take Elijah to the place God wanted him to be.

As God moved Elijah, so too God has places he wants each of us to go. He wants us to move to places of Christ-like character and service. He uses a variety of chariots to take us there.

We may not recognize these chariots at first because when we see them they just look like fire. They appear to threaten and harm us.

Sometimes these fires come from other people and their intentional or unintentional sins against us. Their words of attack or violent acts wound deeply and cause us pain. Joseph experienced this at the hands of his brothers.

Sometimes these fires have a satanic origin. The Evil One is out to destroy our faith and joy, so he sends fires of trial to scorch our soul and burn our confidence in God. Job experienced satanic fires, as did the Apostle Paul with his thorn in the flesh.

Sometimes the fiery tests are sent from God himself. Remember that Jesus sent his disciples into the storm (Mt 14).

When we find ourselves being scorched by the fires life brings, we have a choice to make. We can become bitter and resentful or we can invite God to turn these trials into chariots of fire that take us where he wants us to go. Joseph entrusted his brothers’ violence to God and became a ruler in Egypt. Job learned new revelations about God, and Paul was taken to a new experience of grace through the satanic assaults he suffered. The disciples were moved to worship through the trial of the wind.

God has places he wants to take you in terms of your character and service. He uses chariots of fire to take you there.

Make the choice of faith, and entrust your fiery experiences into his care. He will take you where he wants you to go.


Prayer starter: Dear God, thank you for your wise purposes. Give me grace to trust as I ride in your chariots of fire.